Presidential Academy will receive Territorial and Industry Leadership Grant under Priority 2030 program

07 October 2021
Presidential Academy will receive Territorial and Industry Leadership Grant under Priority 2030 program

The Presidential Academy is one of the Russian universities that will receive grants in the Territorial and Industry Leadership category under the Priority 2030 federal program. Priority 2030 is the largest program to support universities in modern Russian history with as many as 181 universities involved. For approval, development programs for each of the universities have been evaluated on the basis of multiple metrics in a multi-stage expert process. Rector of the Presidential Academy Vladimir Mau praised the professional approach shown by the Ministry of Education and Science Commission that selected universities to join the program and the Council for support of development programs. He also noted the transparent selection procedures used, which helped process a large amount of data in a short time and select university development programs that correspond to the national higher education system development goals as well as wider national development goals.

“Responding to global and national challenges, the Presidential Academy intends to grow as a national school of public administration, as a leading business school, as well as a major research and expert center. We also plan to vigorously increase our presence in the consulting segment. We have several key development goals. One of them is to build a nationwide system of continuous development of managerial personnel and methodology support for the Russian regions, thereby promoting the formation of a new generation of managers and entrepreneurs. Using the unique capabilities of its branch network, the Academy will integrate the best international and Russian practices into the system of continuing education for managerial personnel in Russian regions, taking into account each of the regions’ priorities and needs,” Vladimir Mau commented.

Earlier, the RANEPA rector presented four strategic projects, one for each of the Academy’s development priorities. The National School of Public Administration project promotes the lifelong learning concept as the basis for a person's professional development. The project envisages the implementation, by 2030, of a continuous professional education and personnel development model for the public authorities. The system will use the Academy’s proprietary personal and professional skill diagnostics tools to work out personalized educational trajectories and individual career paths.

The World-Class Business Education strategic project is aimed at fostering a new generation of managers and entrepreneurs, capable of effectively unlocking their professional and personal potential.

The goal of the Academy of the Future – For the Future of Russia strategic project is to arrange expert, research, educational and methodological support for the personnel development systems in the Russian regions.

The National Center for Strategic Consulting project involves the development of a national system of expert, analytical and consulting support for government agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations.

“The present-day Presidential Academy is the largest geographically distributed research and educational network that trains managers for all sectors of the Russian economy, business and the social sphere. In 2020, more than 110,000 people were trained in professional development programs, and about half of them were public officials. However, the Academy is not just about research and education. It is a recognized center of expertise and consulting for public authorities of all levels, as well as for commercial and non-commercial organizations,” Vladimir Mau said.


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