RANEPA and School of Contemporary Social Sciences at Moscow State University sign cooperation agreement

01 March 2022
RANEPA and School of Contemporary Social Sciences at Moscow State University sign cooperation agreement

A ceremony to sign a cooperation agreement between the Academy and the Moscow State University’s School of Contemporary Social Sciences (VSHSSN) took place at the Presidential Academy. The Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) will be the main operator of joint programs and projects on RANEPA side. The document was signed by RANEPA Vice-Rector Maxim Nazarov and Director of the VSHSSN, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Osipov.

Participants in the coordinating council meeting that followed discussed plans for further research projects; transferring up-to-date scientific knowledge and data from fundamental and applied research into the educational process; development and implementation of new educational programs that would promote the nation’s socioeconomic as well as science and technology development. The roadmap for a meta-project to reform the system of state strategic management in Russia, and the State Strategic Management network educational program were presented at the meeting.

According to Maxim Nazarov, IPACS RANEPA and VSHSSN both train innovative specialists with highly relevant competencies in social management. “Many cooperation agreements are never applied in real life. Our cooperation has been in the practical plane from day one. Even this year, we are opening admissions to a master's program in State Strategic Management, where both partners’ potential in sociology of management and state and municipal governance will be used to the maximum. Our joint activities will be in line with the government’s request to train highly qualified managerial personnel, to improve the methodological and instrumental support of state policy in the field of strategic planning in the Russian Federation,” the Vice-Rector noted.

“The cooperation agreement between the two leading sociology schools is a landmark event that will open up more opportunities to create joint educational programs, professional development courses and research in various fields of sociology, as well as in a wider social sciences context,” Gennady Osipov emphasized. He expressed confidence that the Academy of Social Sciences, the Society of Social Sciences and other partner public organizations would join the cooperation. The transition from industrial to digital civilization provides a vast field for representatives of the social and human sciences to operate, he said. According to him, cooperation between research and educational institutions in solving problems that are relevant for the development of Russian society gives hope that scientific research will become a significant component in political and managerial decision-making with regard to strategic planning and management of social development processes.

Acting Director of IPACS RANEPA Ruslan Korchagin also assessed the cooperation prospects, calling it “meaningful and fruitful in terms of training highly qualified personnel capable of organizing the system and practices of state strategic management at the federal, regional and municipal levels based on a new methodological approach.”

Vladimir Kornilovich, Doctor of Sociology, Program Director at State and Municipal Administration Department, IPACS RANEPA will be responsible for hands-on interaction between the universities and development of the cooperation program. Alexander Grebenyuk, Doctor of Economics, Deputy Director for Research at VSHSSN will supervise the project from the Moscow University.



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