RANEPA delivers 40% of AMBA-accredited business education programs in Russia

05 October 2018
RANEPA delivers 40% of AMBA-accredited business education programs in Russia

The Kommersant Publishing House has released an article on modern business education in Russia, stating RANEPA’s leading position in the quality of MBA and EMBA programs.

When choosing business education programs, one needs to consider their quality and be able to determine it correctly. In mid-September, the MBA in Moscow and Russia portal posted its annual Narodny Ranking of Russian Business Schools, where the Presidential Academy’s programs and business schools occupied lines 1 to 6.

As in the previous year, RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (IBS) and the RANEPA/ Kingston University London International Executive MBA Program shared the first place in the ranking, closely followed by the Antwerp Management School / RANEPA IBS EMBA program, which was not ranked before. The third place, like last year, was taken by the School of IT Management of RANEPA Institute of Economics, Mathematics and Information Technologies (EMIT).

RANEPA accounts for about 40% of the MBA and EMBA programs in Russia accredited by AMBA. According to Vice-Rector, Director of RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (IBS) Sergei Myasoyedov, more than 60% of the MBA and EMBA programs that are being taught at the Academy have received the prestigious accreditation from AMBA, which is a very large proportion.

“RANEPA MBA/EMBA programs serve many times more students than the business schools of Skolkovo, Moscow State University, HSE, and St. Petersburg University combined. This proves better than any words that RANEPA business programs are geared to the practical needs of managers and their relevance,” Dr. Myasoyedov said. RANEPA IBS school programs are leaders in student demand and enrollment: more than 800 people take them, which is about every other MBA/EMBA student at RANEPA. RANEPA IBS graduates’ career growth rates have topped national rankings for years.

The demand for English-language MBA/EMBA programs has hardly changed over the past 10–15 years, standing at about 7–10% of the demand for programs in Russian. Enrollment for these programs at RANEPA is 130-160 people every year. The average age of students is 31-33, and most of them are middle managers. EMBA students are more often 40-42, mostly company executives and their deputies.

The MBA programs focus on the exchange of practical experience more than on lectures. Therefore, interactive classes take more than half of the time. Students who have at least 2 years of practical work experience (AMBA requirement) can earn a degree. RANEPA admits those with practical experience of at least 4-5 years to its MBA programs.

The required managerial experience for EMBA level programs is usually at least 5 years. RANEPA IBS requires 7 years. The EMBA program focuses more on personal development of the manager, on strategy and leadership rather than on tools and business practices.

It is believed that the effect of the knowledge gained reaches its peak and triggers income growth two years after graduation  (84.4% of respondents said so). The revenue growth observed is 31-92%. The survey suggests that graduates of leading business schools have a higher income. That is, the more a student has invested in education, the more successful they will be financially.


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