RANEPA hosts TEDx conference for the first time

15 June2018
RANEPA hosts TEDx conference for the first time

The world famous and officially accredited TEDxRANEPA conference has been held with great success at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). The speakers included politician Irina Khakamada, Vice-President of the Skolkovo Foundation Yelena Zelentsova, sports commentator Vasily Utkin and many others.

The TEDx conferences are subsidiaries of the main TED event and are created in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." TEDx are organized by local communities, cities and major universities; the most recent conference was organized at our Academy.

The organizer of TEDxRANEPA, assistant professor of the department of acmeology and psychology of professional activity of the Faculty of Psychology at RANEPA School of Public Policy, General Director of the FOCUS international psychology center Kristina Ivanenko opened the meeting by greeting the participants. TED is the most high-level platform for the speakers; the first event was held in California in 1984 as a platform for the exchange of ideas in a lively and inspiring format, she said in her opening remarks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design – three huge areas that, according to the organizers, define the image of the future.

The first speakers were Gor Nakhapetyan (entrepreneur, philanthropist, advisor to the rector of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO) and Viktoria Mikhailova (CEO of LeaderDNA). Their  presentation, The invincible duo: the invisible tandem of the organizing world, was about the importance of partnership and mutual support in various spheres of life. The speakers had interviewed 120 people in eight countries to work out understand what a tandem is; they defined it as a group of two people who create a unique value together. Among the examples of cooperation are Marx and Engels, Holmes and Watson, and others.

“In modern society, great attention is paid to leadership, and certain stereotypes have developed: there should be one leader only, and the rest should follow; however, everyone can be a leader, and each takes on as much as they can so as to be independent, Gor Nakhapetyan pointed out. “On the other hand, some like to be guided or to work in tandem, and this is absolutely normal,” Viktoria Mikhailova said. “Moreover, after all, one often cannot be a leader without the other, whose role is also great. Therefore, these two people together create a value that each of them could not have created alone, so we would like to introduce the tandem as an effective structure in the organization.”

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In a tandem, people are drawn together by a common dream, trust, communication, and attitude to life; solidarity and self-irony are also important. A tandem provides for a combination of efforts and optimization of resources, for effective achievement and, ultimately, happiness. However, this cooperation needs to be valued and cherished. “Find your role in a tandem and most importantly – remember to protect it,” Gor Nakhapetyan summed up.

Irina Khakamada (politician, publicist, business coach) devoted her report to the correct understanding of one’s own emotions. “We are often overwhelmed by emotions, and when they are negative, we want them removed,” the speaker began. “If you succumb to bad emotions, the people around will dissociate, while suppression of emotions leads to the destruction of the body, and it is quite difficult to control emotions, because they come from the subconscious.”

Emotions help us feel the life, because cognition comes through comparison, so they need to be “respected,” says Irina Khakamada. Each emotion that emerges goes through certain stages, and the strongest phase lasts about 12 seconds. Then comes the realization, with which it is already possible to work purposefully – to understand the paradigm and remake it. It is important to understand this mechanism and not to harm others. At the same time, strong positive emotions and joy can lead to inflated self-esteem, so even positive emotions require regulation. “It is impossible to control emotions, but you can understand them on a conscious level. Our intellect is much broader than we think. We must understand this, and then the head will become friends with the heart,” Irina Khakamada summarized.

Sport journalist and TV commentator Vasily Utkin tried to explain Why sports and politics don't mix. He spoke about the role of sport and the influence of politics. “Sporting events are of a global nature, and unlike in other areas, here one cannot predict the result. This is their greatest appeal,” Vasily Utkin said. In sport, there are a number of different friend/foe identifications – that's why it's so easy to build any ideology on it – this is the strength and the weakness of any game. Sport is expressive action, where viewers follow the developments in real time. “Sport is universal and beyond politics. This territory is independent, because it belongs to us,” concluded Vasily Utkin.

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The next speaker was Igor Stoyanov, the owner and director of Russia’s largest beauty salons chain, Persona, with the report, “Business from heart to heart.” He talked about his professional path and overcoming difficulties. His opinion, “we are all leaders of awareness.” Only by changing oneself can one change their surroundings. However, this is impossible without others. “All that we need, we already have – you just need to rise above the ordinary,” he said. It is important to manage your life, but to pay attention to the people around you, and try to support them. This position had helped him change his company for the better and get out of the crisis. “By practicing life, be ready to face your own and others' imperfections,” Mr. Stoyanov said and wished everyone to be realists, alive, creative and attentive to themselves.

Vice-President of Skolkovo Foundation, Head of the Vyacheslav Glazychev Department of Territory Development (RANEPA SPP) Yelena Zelentsova spoke about The city in my head. A city is a human habitat, a super complex system, and it is very important how people see it. The expert spoke about the development of the ZIL Cultural Center and Skolkovo. The Department of Territory Development was established at RANEPA in 2008 to explore how we need to change the city. Professor Glazychev himself said that the city is an idea, not a fact. The main thing is how people's ideas change cities, what determines the success of urban designers, Yelena Zelentsova said.

Other speakers at TEDxRANEPA included Pyotr Ivanov (founder and creative director of the Departament agency), Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky (anthropologists and cetologists), Dmitry Voskoboynikov (international journalist, professor of Moscow State University), Alexei Goryachev (investment banker, managing partner of RMG Partners), Vyacheslav Ushenin (CEO of Global Intellect Service IT-company) and Maria Davletshina (Project Manager of Open Charity in the BankEx Foundation).

The independently organized TEDx event under the overall leadership of TED was successfully held at the Presidential Academy, which hosted it for the first time. All speakers shared ideas worth spreading, which aroused great interest from the audience and inspired with their example.

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