RANEPA IBS flag on Machu Picchu – 30 years on top of business education

11 July2018
RANEPA IBS flag on Machu Picchu – 30 years on top of business education

Students of the Executive MBA program of the Institute of Business Studies (IBS) of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) have participated in The Living Parallel South American educational expedition for managers, which changed their world view, revealing new opportunities and goals for development.

The Living Parallel project involves regular unique expeditions for managers, students of the Presidential Academy organized by a teacher of the Executive MBA program, professor of RANEPA Institute of Business Studies Andrei Teslinov. For many, tourism has long replaced the concept of travel, and people simply visit famous places. However, a journey still can turn into an experience that changes the person the world around them, says Professor Teslinov, explorer and author of nine books and more than 200 articles.

This year’s destination was South America. When asked why such expeditions are necessary, the explorer replied: “There is a common educational paradox – we study things, but life gives us something else. It is virtually impossible to repeat and rehearse in the classroom what comes our way out there. This gap needs to be filled with live experience with different types of cultures – how different companies, countries, organizations, or ethnic groups resolve their problems.”

Professor Teslinov knows firsthand that such trips always bring about changes in the participants. Sometimes it is about small decisions, but it also happens that people radically change their lives, transform their company or go into a new business. “During the trip, the participants are immersed in a different context, in another environment where they to raise questions they would never have thought of in the classroom,” the professor explained. “It's a kind of test, because true values ​​can only be seen when the context changes.”

Pavel Yakovlev, an Executive MBA student of RANEPA IBS, who took part in the expedition, shared his impressions, admitting the trip was a revelation: “An important feature of the expedition is the challenge. It is a conscious quest, an openness to phenomena that would answer your questions or help you deal with cognitive issues. After all, without the extraction of meanings, a journey turns into vagrancy. During the expedition, I made friends with interesting people from different cities of Russia – successful entrepreneurs and researchers, beginners and experienced travelers. New ideas for business started coming to my head from the first hours I got there from Moscow, and during our evening classes, I filled a thick notebook. I was able to take a new look at many things.”

Armen Simonyan, graduate of the same program, said: “This action-packed life rids your memory of former places, visits, emotions, people and even desires that once seemed very important. Two weeks in Peru flew by in a flashlight. This trip was too intense for a deep immersion, but gave us enough to think about. It is very difficult to understand much in the history of the Incas. Probably, this incompleteness makes one restless, constantly raising questions, and once you have answers, they raise new questions, new things you need to figure out. Not all places make one want to come back, but Peru, and other South American countries, are addictive. There you can still find the genuine, the primitive – or authentic, which is a smart word for it. Thanks to everyone who was on this trip – for the organization, communication and company! All this will remain in our memory.”

The Strategic Management and Leadership Executive MBA program, delivered by RANEPA IBS is the first program for business owners and senior executives in the Russian market of business education. Launched in 2001, it absorbed the entire rich experience of the IBS in implementing long-term educational programs. At the same time, the EMBA is unique and specifically oriented towards the elite of Russian business. In the global world, knowing the specifics of doing business in various countries and regions, the ability to use various instruments of cross-cultural management is a major competitive advantage. An important element of the program is the built-in training module at a foreign business school.




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