RANEPA, Kamchatka Territory create Center for Technological Entrepreneurship

25 February 2022
RANEPA, Kamchatka Territory create Center for Technological Entrepreneurship

Head of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Solodov and Vice-Rector of the Presidential Academy, Director of RANEPA Institute of Business Studies (IBS) Sergey Myasoedov signed a memorandum to establish a Center for the Development of Technological Entrepreneurship in Kamchatka to support student and youth startups.

The Kamchatka Center will involve one or more universities in the Kamchatka Territory, including the local branch of RANEPA. Its development strategy will be worked out by an expert council comprised of representatives of the parties as well as entrepreneurs operating in the region.

The Kamchatka Center will organize educational and consultancy events such as lectures, workshops and hackathons. The Academy will provide methodology and consulting support for the center’s work – will select and evaluate students and young entrepreneurs, provide advice for projects, help organize online courses, and evaluate final student work. In addition, the Center’s instructors will take a course under the personnel reserve for regional incubators and accelerators program at the Academy.

Vladimir Solodov noted that the Kamchatka Territory will become one of the first Russian regions to join the federal initiative to create an entrepreneurship promotion center and involve business representatives in development projects of high importance for the region.

“The center we have agreed to establish is designed to stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives among students – perhaps, the most promising and active cohort. Entrepreneurial skills need to be nurtured from childhood. However, university students actually constitute an environment where the fastest results can be achieved. I am confident that the Academy’s support and our joint work will help launch this center in the very near future, and we will have one more tool to increase the number of entrepreneurs in Kamchatka, improve people’s welfare and implement significant initiatives in tourism and other priority sectors that drive the region's economic development,” Vladimir Solodov said.

According to the governor, the regional government’s development goals can only be achieved through an activation of entrepreneurial energy. According to Vladimir Solodov, the state and large corporations can create the right conditions, but entrepreneurial initiative is still crucial for the development of tourism, the hospitality industry and innovative industries. The head of the region also thanked the Academy for the continued interest and cooperation with the Kamchatka Territory and the implementation of a number of significant projects.

Sergey Myasoedov stressed that the memorandum provides a framework for implementing an initiative in Kamchatka that is important and necessary for the entire country.

“The idea of creating this center is to encourage the most active cohort — students — educated and forward-looking, to engage in technological and social entrepreneurship. I would also like to note another RANEPA initiative – the proposal to give university students an opportunity to launch startups as their graduation projects. Students will be invited to formulate their vision, their idea, and work out roadmaps for their startups. And I am grateful to the government of the Kamchatka Territory for supporting this initiative. Russia has always been famous for its talented youth, and it is up to us to help them bring their ideas to life. I am sure that soon we will see breakthrough enterprises in the service sector, technology, the social sector and many other industries,” Sergey Myasoedov added.



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