RANEPA Lyceum alumni share their most vivid memories

08 April 2022
RANEPA Lyceum alumni share their most vivid memories

This year, the Presidential Academy's Lyceum (its high-school/foundation program) is turning six – it was established on March 24, 2016 by Rector Vladimir Mau’s order. The Lyceum has produced four brilliant cohorts of graduates in 2018-2021. They performed excellently at their state final exams and enrolled with the country's leading universities.

In 2022, the Lyceum program will be extended to four years, with admission open to 8th grade level – until now, the youngest participants could join it in 10th grade. The curriculum for grades 8 and 9 will prepare students for choosing their field of study for grades 10 and 11. At the moment, there are six options: the economic, humanitarian, international politics, legal, and psychology tracks, as well as the Leonardo class (IT & Arts).

The reporters for the Academy's website have asked Lyceum alumni what the school meant to them, what memories they still keep, and how RANEPA Lyceum changed their lives.

Anna Kosorukova, graduate 2018, fourth-year at IBS-Moscow

“Most importantly, the Lyceum has helped me understand what I really know and can do, and what I really want. It has given me some of my favorite people and vivid memories, and taught me to study, to think critically and act independently. One of my best memories is from our first trip to the Solnechny conference and recreation center where the Great Autumn Forum was held. My former school had never had such events, and we were so delighted with all the activities, including lectures. But the most valuable thing is that we all became such good friends – with all the games and activities, and the ceremony to join the Lyceum community. This will remain with me forever.”

Artemy Atamanenko, graduate 2018, fourth-year at ISS

“The years at the Lyceum were the part of my life where I made some important career choices and strengthened my worldview. I also met some true friends there, and I keep in touch with many of former Lyceum students. And naturally enough, it gave me a sense of novelty, experiment, and a spirit of pioneering. Studying at the Lyceum was a time of reflection, which made me confident that I had chosen the right path. Remembering that time, I really miss my history classes. Doing Political History now, I feel deeply grateful to my teachers at the Lyceum for kindling my interest. The book Montaillou, an Occitan Village, which my history teacher recommended then, has eventually led me to my current academic interests.”

Daniela Torsukova, graduate 2018, fourth-year at ISS

“The Lyceum helped me grow up and smoothly adapt to university life, to taking responsibility for my choices and setting priorities. The Lyceum basically gave me a prod towards greater independence and awareness, something I really needed. I still clearly remember the traditional ceremony to join the Lyceum community, which united us. It was such a great idea that the school administration had – to hold an event that would really make us a family and make us feel like a part of something bigger.”

Yekaterina Didenko, graduate 2019, third-year at Matej Bela University, Slovakia

“The Lyceum, without exaggeration, was the best thing that ever happened to me! I have had the experience with three levels of education – my first school, where I went from first to ninth grade, the RANEPA Lyceum, and now, a foreign university. But it was the Lyceum that taught me a lot of useful things I know, and expanded my horizons, and greatly improved my language competences – I became better in three languages ​​– Russian, English, and Chinese. I still miss its convenient schedule, its cozy classrooms, green lockers and this distinct atmosphere. Whenever I mention the Lyceum, I immediately remember how comfortable I was there. And whenever I remember the Lyceum, I always have a vision of RANEPA New Year's Ball flashing in my head. I was lucky to have taken part in the event, and I will remember it for the rest of my life. It was like being in a fairy tale.”

Anna Belorustseva, graduate 2021, first year at Moscow State University

“The Lyceum has given me some people I love, who helped me figure out who I am and find out what it’s like to be truly happy, to feel loved and enjoy what you do. I have especially warm memories from my first semester in 10th grade, a carefree time when the Final School Exams were still far off, and we actually went to class every day. We went to the Great Autumn Forum, danced at discos, spent time together in the open space, or stayed up late at academic premises. Now this time seems so carefree and happy that, if offered a chance, I would turn back time without hesitation to go back there.”

Alexey Belov, graduate 2019, third-year at the Russian Government’s Financial University 

“For me, the Lyceum was more than just an important step in education and personal development; it was also my second home for two years. The Lyceum has taught me to be responsible and act like an adult, and helped me make cool friends. My favorite time was the second term of the 10th grade, when I started taking subjects in my chosen field, but exams were still far off and I wasn’t spending too much time reading for them. You could just consistently explore the 10th grade curriculum the Lyceum offered. I still really miss my friends and teachers. They were my Lyceum. People actually define everything we love so much about the Lyceum and naturally, they are what I miss the most.” 


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