RANEPA offers programs in Business Informatics

14 May 2021
RANEPA offers programs in Business Informatics

The Presidential Academy is accepting applications for the next year’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Applicants can choose from a wide range of different specializations. We continue to discuss the unique fields of study offered by RANEPA.

Today we will focus on programs in Business Informatics implemented by the Department of Business Informatics at RANEPA Institute of Economics, Mathematics and Information Technologies (EMIT). Check out the FAQ below to find out why you should consider programs offering interdisciplinary approach to training.


1. To begin with, what is a Business Informatics specialist? What do they do for companies or government agencies?

A modern BI specialist is someone who understands IT processes, economics, finance and organizational development and helps companies or government agencies solve strategic problems, for example, optimize business processes. The Business Informatics Department at EMIT offers the following bachelor's degree programs – Business Analytics, Information Systems in Business and Logistics, and Digital Business.

2. What are career prospects for BI specialists?

The tasks a BI graduate may be asked to perform can vary significantly depending on their employer’s needs; this is why our students get an integrative education that enables them to choose their areas of work.

Students receive a universal education in software platforms to be able to make informed and competent decisions in the field of IT strategy, regardless of the kind of software and hardware platform the company’s information system uses. They study all the leading tools and products in their market segment such as office software, group work technologies, project management, and client-server solutions. More information about curricula and programs can be found here.

3. What are the income levels of BI graduates?

The Academy sees its mission in giving students knowledge and help them master the profession. Their future level of income depends on how much effort students invest in education; on average, BI specialists make about 60,000-70,000 rubles a month at the start of their career; a more experienced specialist can make over 150,000 rubles. According to representatives of the Superjob job search service, IT specialists are at the top in terms of demand. This assessment is confirmed by a research by the hh.ru online platform. According to the company, “the IT sector deserves special notice, as demand remains high and staff deficit has been persisting over the past few years.”

4. Why Business Informatics Department at EMIT, RANEPA?

Digitalization is the most important development trend today. It takes a specialist with systems thinking, knowledge and practical skills in IT, data processing, information security and agile management to fit in. Training at the Department of Business Informatics will help students develop relevant competencies in these areas and give them an excellent career start or boost.

5. What EGE credits are required to enroll?

You will need to provide the scores on your National Final School Exam (EGE) in Mathematics (advanced), Russian and one other elective subject: Foreign Language, Social Studies, or Computer Science and ICT.

6. How high is the EGE score required to qualify for a state scholarship?

The school never sets a ‘passing’ score before the applications are submitted because it depends on the competitive situation. In the past few years, the minimum total score required for a state scholarship was usually above 260.

7. What are the benefits of this program?

Students have the opportunity to join an international double degree program. Our foreign partner is the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA), France. Students who successfully complete two years of their undergraduate training are entitled to enroll in a French undergraduate program in Economics and Management. Tuition at UGA is available in French or English, at the student's choice.

8. When will admissions open at RANEPA?

We begin to accept applications for undergraduate/specialist programs on June 18. From this date, registration will be available in the applicant's personal account on the Academy website. For those who only present their EGE scores and do not have to take any additional entrance exams, the last day of applying is July 23 for state scholarship and August 8 for fee-based enrollment.

More information on the application deadlines and the deadline for submitting your enrollment consent, can be found here.

9. How much does the training cost?

Tuition costs 300,000 rubles a year. RANEPA also offers government-supported student loans. You can learn more about your payment options here.

10. Where can I learn more about extracurricular activities at the Presidential Academy?

The Academy offers students a wide range of activities such as contests, performing art festivals, and hobby groups. You can find out more about student life at the Academy here.


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