RANEPA, RAS discuss progress of Priority 2030 project

31 January 2022
RANEPA, RAS discuss progress of Priority 2030 project

The participants in an online seminar have considered the possibilities of deploying and developing the Talisman data processing platform at the Presidential Academy as part of the Priority 2030 project, and drafted a roadmap for systemic cooperation between RANEPA and the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for System Programming (ISP RAS).

The seminar was organized by RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS). The participants included RANEPA Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation Alexey Anopchenko, Acting Director of IPACS RANEPA Ruslan Korchagin, Head of the Department of Scientific and Information Development and Library Support Oksana Medvedeva, Director of RANEPA Digital Transformation Directorate Roman Konchakov, Dean of IT and Data Analysis Department at EMIT RANEPA Pavel Golosov, representatives of IPACS, GSPA, IBS-Moscow, and IIM RANEPA. ISP RAS was represented by Academic Secretary Oleg Samovarov, Head of the Media Data Mining Laboratory Sergey Vodopetov, and Advisor to the Director for Information Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare Andrey Bursov.

IPACS Acting Director Ruslan Korchagin spoke about the importance of developing a strategy for the Priority 2030 project and creating new educational tools at RANEPA. In particular, this includes developing a Talisman-based system for assessing the quality of students’ final qualification works. Talisman is an ISP RAS proprietary IA-enabled data processing and analysis technology, which has been successfully applied in joint projects with Samsung, Huawei, Dell EMC, HPE and Intel.

The experts decided to set up a laboratory where they could exchange experience on improving the management of education and research. This will help organize effective joint development of platform solutions for digital development of educational and administrative tools at the Academy. ISP experts described the opportunities this platform could offer for the university’s systems.

Sergey Vodopetov mentioned some unique features of the system and highlighted its scope: “Talisman includes components for working with big data, automates many routine processes and significantly reduces the cost of analytics. It uses the Dedoc (a document structure extraction system) and Texterra (a platform for extracting semantics from text) methods. Semantic analysis is especially important in digitizing educational processes. The platform can process any kind of source text, arrange information on a special “markup map,” save objects in a database and generate reports or analytics,” the expert noted.

The Presidential Academy has become entitled to a Regional and Industry Leadership grant under the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership program, the largest federal program to support higher education providers in modern Russian history, which embraces 181 universities. 


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