RANEPA students develop business projects for international companies

22 May2019
RANEPA students develop business projects for international companies

Students of RANEPA Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FESS) have presented over 30 projects for international companies they have completed for major international companies including PepsiCo, Bosch, DeLonghi, Acentus, and BMW at the University of Pisa, Italy.

The student projects were presented as part of cooperation between RANEPA FESS and the Faculty of Economics and Management (Dipartimento de Economia e Management) of the University of Pisa.

The statistical project for DeLonghi was developed by a team of third-year students including Marina Rubtsova, Diana Trubkovich and Maria Makhaneva who analyzed the company's sales and the effectiveness of sales assistants, and drafted proposals for optimizing their work. “It was a new experience for me to directly apply the educational material to actual corporate data,” Marina said, “and the final presentation at the University of Pisa was a truly significant event. The atmosphere at the university was very good, the students and teachers were very open and ready to help us.”

A third-year FESS student, Mikhaela Martirosyan, was in the team that worked on a project to create an online store of men's cosmetics for Acentus (the owner of the popular brand Bioderma). The students had to fully develop the store’s concept and marketing strategy, and draft its budget. Mikhaela commented on the uniqueness of this project: “We have been trusted with the development of a whole new platform, which the company plans to launch in real life. The concept was the most difficult part, but perhaps also the most interesting. Every week we talked with a representative of Acentus, discussed our progress and received feedback. We felt like full-time employees, and it was great! There was a student from the University of Pisa on our team, and such international cooperation exposed many aspects that we hadn’t thought about before.”

The students had the opportunity to combine theory with practice; they began to understand how everything works in reality. Oleg Lyashko, a student curator of the 4th year at FESS, shared his impressions from the joint work with the University of Pisa: “In my opinion, the most difficult and also most intriguing part of these projects is their being practice-oriented. Project teams cannot report raw theoretical results; we are expected to propose specific ideas with a tangible and predictable effect. Such projects teach students to approach their assignments with more responsibility, to take into account more details. International communication is an important element of this work, too. I believe that cross-cultural distance communication skill is a must for modern managers. It is not easy to find common ground with colleagues or hit the best way to distribute tasks, taking into account the interests of each member of an international team. However, having people who think differently on your team can actually take the solution of complex tasks up to a fundamentally new level. The ability to cope with tasks that are new to you, as part of a team of strangers, is also a skill needed by project managers. These competencies have been honed in the student projects implemented. I have learned from my own experience that the implementation of such projects is highly valued by employers.”

Margarita Kozlova, head of FESS academic office,and her Italian counterpart Francesca Pinzauti noted that the cooperation between the Presidential Academy and the University of Pisa is expanding. Along with student and academic exchanges, joint research projects and development of business projects for international companies (Bosch, Acentus, BMW, DeLonghi and others), the two schools have put together an English-language undergraduate double degree Management program. It will include two years of study in Russia and two years in Italy, and will open in September 2020. This will be the first joint English-language undergraduate Management program between Russian and Italian educational institutions in Russia.



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