RANEPA students participate in 28th WorldMUN session

19 March2019
RANEPA students participate in 28th WorldMUN session

On March 18, the opening ceremony of the 28th Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) was held at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, the capital of Spain. RANEPA IBS students attended the prestigious conference for the first time this year.

The opening ceremony began with the performance of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) Orchestra, which played an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. The official part was opened by the Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, who addressed the following words to the participants: “The world will be the way you make it. We need young people who are ready to create cities for people. In Madrid, we are trying to reduce environmental pollution by changing our infrastructure facilities. By giving society your talents, you must create democratic institutions that take into account the interests of people who are different from us, ruling out cruelty and violence. Madrid is a city of peace; its symbol is a huge heart, and it is embracing you.”

The most impressive among young speakers was the presentation by Host Team President Alba Gavaliugov who reflected on the point of participating in the models and holding them. “I appeal to the government representatives in this room. We, young people, are ready to join you, are willing to be involved, to partner with you to build not only the future, but also the present,” she said ending her remarks.

King of Spain Philip VI closed the ceremony. He welcomed the participants, noting that getting to participate in the model is a success in itself, as this remarkable event reminds us of the role of youth in the world we live in. Young people face the same problems as older ones: shortage of jobs and quality education, implementation of the UN Agenda 21 and sustainable development goals, Philip VI continued. These problems cannot be resolved without young people. We need their talent, values ​​and spirit. Young people should be involved in all political debates in the country as well as in international discussions. “We have high hopes for young people, but with confidence comes great responsibility, responsibility for changing the world for the better through innovation, new technology, promotion of culture and education,” the Spanish monarch concluded.

RANEPA IBS students have shared their impressions of participation in WorldMUN.

“I liked the way it was organized. It was interesting to hear high-ranking officials talk about the model agenda. The program was very rich, and the venue full of wonderful people to discuss global problems with. Personally, I was struck by how much the organizers emphasize environmental commitment – even the gifts they gave to us are made of biodegradable materials.”

Anastasia Zhukova, third year, IBS Department of International Relations

“This is the third UN model for me, and the second international one. I was impressed by the scope of people invited to the opening ceremony. I am very glad that I have had a chance to participate in such a global business game.”

Vitaly Pakermanov, third year, IBS Department of International Relations

“It was very nice to meet people from different countries on the first day. I was lucky to meet a delegate from Burkina Faso, the country I represented on the model. At the opening ceremony, it was a great honor to see the King of Spain and other dignitaries, it inspires me to continue to participate in models and even develop a political career.”

Yekaterina Barannikova, third year, IBS Department of International Relations

“The speech by the King of Spain Philip VI gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing, that I am on the right track. I would advise everyone to attend the model.”

Marcos Deprado - Voronov, second year, IBS Department of International Relations

“Such events strongly influence one’s own motivation. When you see so many people, fans and enthusiasts in their field, you also want to work, you get inspired.”

Filipp Klyuev, second year, IBS Department of International Relations




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