RANEPA Students will receive a book as gift from Prof. Wendy Suzuki

28 September2018
RANEPA Students will receive a book as gift from Prof. Wendy Suzuki

28 September 2018 at 3 p.m. Msc RANEPA hosts a skype interview of Dr. Wendy A. Suzuki, professor of Neural Science and Psychology, Head of laboratory in the Center for Neural Science in New York University. W. Suzuki will answer the questions from the students of the Presidential Academy during on-line video session from New York.

The interview will be conducted by Prof. Myasoedov, Vice-rector of RANEPA, Head of IBS.

Wendy Suzuki became world-famous after publishing her book The Curious Girl Who Fell in Love With Her Brain: how the knowledge of neurobiology helps to become more attractive, happier and a better person. Based on the results of her researches, Professor Suzuki developed unique techniques to train the brain – workouts which help quick energy recovering, improve feeling and power of thinking.

The coming talk of Prof. Suzuki with RANEPA students is not the first experience. 14 September 2018 she delivered a lecture with a follow-up discussion for the students during RANEPA Conference, Newborn Generation. New Spiral of Development - New Human Being.

The American Professor spoke about the astonishing effect of exercise on brain and shared practical tips to activate and renew the brain. The main term she introduced to the audience was plasticity of brain. The scientist proved that the human brain can transform in respond to the environment and life style. It can become more effective and even grow in size. The most intensive neural cells growth happens in Hippocampus, the part of the brain which forms and retains long-term memories. Wendy gave a very clear explanation to that.

“Aerobic exercises increase pulse rate which stimulates growth of new cells in Hippocampus. This way, exercising leads to brain growth which results in long-term memories improvement. It means that I myself can create as many new cells as I want. It is the leading motivation to go to the gym” – the neural scientist said.

Find out effective techniques of maintaining and operating your brain – ask questions for Prof. Suzuki via the official RANEPA pages in the social nets FB, VK or Instagram marked by hashtags #новый человек_ранхигс #fintech #talamus_lab.
The most interesting questions will be addressed to Prof. Suzuki during her interview on Friday. The authors of the best questions will be get a special gift, a book by Wendy Suzuki signed by her. Your questions are welcomed till 27 September, 6 p.m. We appreciate your effort to use English for that.



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