RANEPA students will start the new academic year in hybrid format

16 August 2021
RANEPA students will start the new academic year in hybrid format

The Presidential Academy decided to use a hybrid learning format when school restarts on September 1. Most full-time undergraduate, specialist and graduate students on the Moscow campus will study remotely at least two days a week. Most lectures attended by large number of students will also be streamed online. Other activities on the curriculum will be attended in person. Remote learning technologies will also be used in part-time and distance education programs.

Regional branches of the Academy will make their own decisions on the format of attendance, based on the coronavirus developments in their location and in compliance with the regional authorities’ requirements.

Foreign students wishing to join full-time programs on the Moscow campus will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test within three calendar days from the date of their arrival in the Russian Federation, except those who have been vaccinated in the last 12 months or have had the coronavirus disease in the last six months (confirmed by a medical certificate). A detailed notice on getting vaccinated in Moscow will soon be made available to foreign students.

“Over the past 18 months, remote participation has proved highly effective in education and will undoubtedly become a permanent fixture in the system as one of the tools,” RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau said. “At the same time, it would be wrong to consider online delivery as opposed to full-time programs. Remote participation is solely about technology. The important question now is how we can improve the quality of education using it. In some cases, remote participation is even preferable because it opens up opportunities for a larger number of students to benefit from lectures delivered by famous professors or similar events. In the new academic year, the symbiosis of different formats should help us create a single educational space for the Academy students in all Russian regions,” he added.

Student health and safety is our priority. A set of precautions has been introduced on campus to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus infection. All visitors are required to go through a temperature scan at the entrance to the Academy; they are also required to wear facemasks at all times while on the Academy grounds. RANEPA Medical Center is open daily to provide assistance to the students and staff in case they have any ARVI symptoms.

Furthermore, the Academy places great emphasis on meeting the Moscow government’s requirement to have at least 60% of employees vaccinated. At the moment, more than 70% of the average headcount on the Moscow campus have received the shots, and their number continues to grow.

This year, to be able to check into RANEPA dorms, all students will be required to provide either a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or a negative PCR test they got no earlier than 72 hours before the check-in date.


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