Risk Management in Russia and Indonesia

30 October2019
Risk Management in Russia and Indonesia

A delegation of risk management experts from Indonesia has visited RANEPA Higher School of Finance and Management (HSFM). The meeting was prepared with the assistance and direct involvement of the Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis (ISAR).

During the discussion, participants compared the risk management approaches used in Russia and Indonesia. Each presentation was followed by comments and questions. The meeting was moderated by RANEPA HSFM Professor Stanislav Furta, fellow at Gazprom Corporate Institute Dmitry Lapin and Dr. Antonius Alijoyo, head of CMRS Indonesia, organization that leads the risk management professional capacity building in Indonesia.

Stanislav Furta presented a risk management training program delivered at RANEPA HSFM. Upon completing their studies, students pass the C31000 international certification exam (Certified ISO 31000 Risk management Professional). Andrei Gudkov and Roman Kvas, recent graduates of the program, spoke about their training.

Dr. Antonius Aligiojo spoke about risk management in Indonesia and presented the companies and agencies the other delegation members were from. He mentioned PT Adhi Karya, the largest construction company in Southeast Asia; PT Bank Mestika Dharma, one of the largest banks in Indonesia; PT Transportasi Gas Indonesia (TGI), Indonesia's first natural gas transportation company involved in both local and international supplies. The delegation members also represented the Cabinet Secretariat, a government agency reporting to the President and Vice President of Indonesia that helps draft government resolutions – a state consulting agency. All the organizations have excellent risk management competencies in the financial and non-financial sectors of the economy.

Before their visit, the members of the Indonesian delegation sent in a tentative list of questions for discussion, and ISAR employees prepared answers, which were commented at the meeting by Stanislav Furt, Dmitry Lapin and members of the Cabinet Secretariat. The workshop was productive, and the visit of the Indonesian delegation aroused keen interest from the participants. RANEPA HSFM plans to continue cooperation between risk management specialists in Russia and Indonesia.

The most active students of the Presidential Academy that attended the meeting were Vasily Veryasov and Tumursuh Solongo-Uyanga from Mongolia. The meeting was held as part of the Student@Risk project developed by RANEPA HSFM and ISAR for students who want to develop their risk management skills.



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