South American Culture and Economy

28 May2019
South American Culture and Economy

RANEPA hosts first international student conference, Culture and Economy of Latin America, in Spanish.

The conference brought together representatives from several South American countries – students from Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador, and a teacher from Venezuela – as well as anyone else interested in the cultural and economic development of South American countries.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Colombia to the Russian Federation Alfonso Lopez Caballero, who opened the event, was a guest of honor at the conference. Mr. Caballero emphasized that language helps unite people and serves as a marker of their shared identity. “Let this be the first of many student activities at the Academy, bringing together South American and Russian students,” he said.

The first student speaker who took the floor was Renzo Ruiz, a Master’s student at RANEPA FESS, from Peru. He spoke about the history of his country, focusing on the pre-Columbian period and the culture of the Incas. The participants learned a lot about the culinary, musical and artistic culture of Peru, as well as about that country’s economic role in the region.

Andres Villa from Colombia, also a Master’s student, RANEPA IPACS, spoke about his country’s past, the period of independence  as well as the history of its co-existence with Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama as the Great Colombia 200 years ago. This explains why Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador have the same colors on their flags, he said. The speaker cited the names of the prominent Colombians, such as Shakira, Falcao, James Rodriguez and, of course, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Jocelyn Franco from Ecuador, a student at RANEPA IMRD, spoke about the cultural traditions, dances and gastronomy of her country, praising its biodiversity. Great transformations have taken place in the country during the presidency of Rafael Correa. Thanks to his policies, Ecuador has become one of the best countries to live in South America, the student added.

A student from Spain Jesús Janis, now on a student exchange program at IPACS, discussed integration processes in South America by. He cited the results of his study of Russia’s role in this process, which showed Russia’s interest in uniting and integrating South American countries in the conditions of independence and autonomy of other states.

Yan Tsintsevich, a teacher at RANEPA, made a presentation on the role of the Spanish language in South America and its linguistic diversity.

Finally, IPACS Professor Bolivar Villarreal analyzed the situation in Venezuela in recent years and identified the factors that led to the strongest crisis in the country. He also noted the country’s cultural wealth and encouraged the Venezuelan participants at the conference to work together to improve the life in their country.

The conference participants included representatives from the Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Higher School of Economics, Moscow State University, MISIS University, RSUH, Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, and PFUR, as well as business representatives, and students and staff of the Academy. The high interest shown by students and representatives of the academic and business communities has confirmed the relevance of the topic. The conference will be followed up by events at the cultural platforms at the Academy. The second international student conference Culture and Economy of Latin America is scheduled for the next academic year.

The conference was initiated and organized by RANEPA students, members of the RANEPA CELAC group Andres Villa (IPACS), Jocelyn Franco (IMRD) and Renzo Ruiz (FESS) with the support of the RANEPA Directorate for International Development and director for foreign students and specialists Olga Koryagina.



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