"State and Municipal Property Management" Program to Teach Students How to Solve Complex Tasks in Managing Russian Economy

13 July 2021
"State and Municipal Property Management" Program to Teach Students How to Solve Complex Tasks in Managing Russian Economy

The website of the Presidential Academy continues to provide information about the unique programs of RANEPA institutes. Today we are presenting the "State and Municipal Property Management" program implemented by the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of RANEPA. This program is at the intersection of management, law and real estate, giving students fundamental and versatile knowledge. At the same time, the program guarantees employment of graduates in the shortest possible time. 

— What is the "State and Municipal Property Management" program about? 

— The "State and Municipal Property Management" program was developed by the IPACS in cooperation with the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo). It combines expertise in law, economics, real estate management, environmental and social issues. The program also provides for training in the latest digital technologies used in property management. 

We educated managers who are able to effectively manage businesses and institutions, form and implement public policies to attract investment in the public sector, rationally increase budget revenues, and create a favorable economic environment for business development. 

The educational process is not limited to lectures and seminars only. Students undertake internships at Rosimushchestvo, state industry-specific executive agencies and state-owned companies. 

— What exactly will the program teach the students? 

— The main areas of the program are: 

Management of federal state property, property of a Federal constituent entity and municipal property 

Corporate governance in corporations with state participation 

Management of state and municipal property in non-profit organizations 

Management and disposal of assets with special handling regimes 

Management of state property located outside the Russian Federation 

Privatization and effective involvement of state property in economic turnover 

Land and legal relations and urban planning activities 

Public-private partnership 

Digital technologies in property management 

State financial control. International standards of financial reporting 

HR policy, HR management strategies, HR audit 

Anti-corruption standards in property relations 

Current problems of law and economics 

— And who are the teachers? 

— The program's instructors are not theoreticians, but practitioners with extensive work experience who hold senior positions in Rosimushchestvo, state authorities agencies, state corporations and joint-stock companies with state participation. The scientific supervisor of the program is Vadim Vladimirovich Yakovenko, Head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management. 

— Where can the graduates of the program be employed? 

— Graduates who successfully undergo the program will be employed by the Federal Property Management Agency and its territorial bodies, the Russian Ministry of Finance, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, other agencies of executive authorities and their subordinate institutions; by the Russian Railways JSC and other joint stock companies; by the State Unitary Enterprise "City Property Management Centre", other state and municipal enterprises and institutions; by state corporations and their subordinate organizations. We can guarantee employment for the best graduates within shortest possible time. 

- Is it hard to enroll in the program? What does one need to do for it?

— We would be happy to involve specialists in management, real estate, state and municipal management, bachelors of related specialties, managers and employees of state and municipal institutions and enterprises. 

— This year all documents are submitted electronically on the Academy portal lk.ranepa.ru. More information on enrolment is available here and here. If you have questions related to the disciplines taught within the program, please write to av.borodin@IPSA.ru


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