Student conference held at innovative level (VIDEO)

30 April2019
Student conference held at innovative level (VIDEO)

On April 10, the student conference, Russian Business: Development Horizons amid Global Trends, organized by IBS Moscow, was held at the Presidential Academy.

The event was timed to the 15th anniversary of RANEPA student conferences. The organizers held the event at a high modern level, with thematic blocks, business games and quests, and workshops. Deans, IBS graduates and business representatives took an active part in the preparation and work of the conference.

In his opening remarks, IBS Director, RANEPA Vice Rector Sergei Myasoyedov pointed out that the conference was initiated by students and expressed the hope that its participants will continue using energetic and positive thinking in their further studies and professional activities.

He underscored the importance of the conference being held in English, because foreign languages ​​and computer literacy are crucial in the modern world along with lifelong learning abilities. “I hope that the members of the participating teams will gain a lot of useful information,” he said.

IBS graduate Irina Volodina who participated in the conference as an expert said innovations have significantly improved the quality of life for humanity, but the time has come to think about ridding innovation-based development of its negative side effects such as environmental degradation.

IBS student Maria Lobanova made a presentation on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. She noted that technologies are currently being developed to teach machines to imitate human behavior. In some situations, artificial intelligence (AI) can even make better decisions than a human. In medicine, AI can be used to do administrative work: at present, a lot of the doctor’s time is spent filling out documents. The use of computer programs will not only save staff time, but will reduce the likelihood of errors. The program will also be able to draw up a convenient schedule for all, taking into account all the subtleties of the work, and act as an assistant collecting and analyzing information, noticing little things that doctors can miss.

Maria pointed out the possibility of using artificial intelligence in surgery: some operations are already performed by robots, and experience shows that their use reduces the patient’s rehabilitation time. She noted that the use of AI solutions that can remotely monitor and analyze patient health indicators is particularly relevant in Russia, where people tend to delay their visits to the doctor.

Irina Soshchina, member of the Organizing Committee, the author of the idea of ​​academic student conferences in English and the architect of the event format, thanked the students for participating, noting that the format was not simple. “Let me take this opportunity to wish you all good luck and success in your future projects. I am delighted with the interest that you have shown to the most important trends and technologies of our time, the curiosity and courage that you demonstrated speaking about them here in really good English. I also greatly appreciate the work of our moderators and experts. Although they only joined us today, they have certainly helped complete this interesting project in the best possible way,” she said.

The conference participants discussed technology and business in Russia and the world, the digital economy as a new business model, human development and personnel management, as well as the role of Russian companies in the international business landscape.



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