Students of Management in Art Business, ISS RANEPA: We’ve made the right choice

02 February 2022
Students of Management in Art Business, ISS RANEPA: We’ve made the right choice

Having earned their bachelor's degree, many students face a choice between looking for a job or enrolling in a master's level program. Some take a few years to work and then decide to combine their careers with further training in their profession. Check out the article below to find out what master's students think about the Management in Art Business program at the School of Design, RANEPA Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), and why they chose it.

Irina Nesterova, first year, a graduate of the Vasnetsov Abramtsevo Art Industry School and Moscow State University of Culture. She is currently managing a mosaic studio, which produces mosaic panels, decor and artwork for interiors.

– You have had some career achievements in art and business. So why did you decide to join the master’s course in Management in Art Business at ISS RANEPA?

– My first job was in an art studio that decorated building walls. It was then that I first became interested in mosaic. That technique fascinated me, and I began to specialize in it. I studied the process, then became a mosaic artist. My first works were custom-made for clients. Later I became a team leader, and then I opened my own studio.

When I realized my work was becoming routine and something needed to be changed, I decided to do some more training, and I joined the Management in Art Business program. I definitely had things I did not know when it came to implementing my ideas in a correct, understandable and up-to-date way. After taking this course for a little less than six months, I know I’ve made the right choice of the program.

- Which of the subjects you have been taking so far do you appreciate the most?

- So far, I like all the subjects. It is my first university course in several years, so everything is new to me now. Our professors use non-standard approaches in explaining the material, and are trying to activate our thinking in every possible way. This is exactly what I wanted.

– Has your perception of art and the art business changed since you began working on your Master’s? If yes, how exactly?

- I am trying to change the like-or-dislike approach, to unravel what’s behind each work.

Yelizaveta Maslova, second year, a graduate of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. She is also a blogger and creator of contemporary art projects on the ARTPatrol YouTube channel, and curator of exhibitions.

– Did you have any work experience before joining the program?

- When I enrolled, I was working at the MARS Center for Contemporary Art as well as on several exhibition projects. When I started taking the course, I also started my career on YouTube, where I now run my own projects. I can say that I was lucky in terms of experience. Working for my Master’s also helps me grow in my work.

– Why did you decide to choose the Management in Art Business program?

– To be honest, I was after specific subject I needed to take for my work. I'm interested in PR and art management. I also like many of the professors here, their teaching strategies and presentation of the material. Yulia Petrova's lectures on exhibition activity have helped me in practice. She has also recommended some books, which have become my exhibition bibles, and helped me write press releases. Anna Shvets' classes have also proved highly useful. We developed our own projects there. I even had a chance to lead a project with the Brusnika coffee shop on my own. Most professors give us a chance to try working at various events, fairs and exhibitions.

– What are your career plans after graduation?

- I would like to continue working in this area. We are now preparing a large flagship project with a volunteer organization and our YouTube channel, as well as a large collaboration with the Shokoladnitsa coffee shop chain.

Yaroslava Alekseyeva, first year, a graduate of the School of Design, ISS RANEPA. She is currently working on artistic photography and ecosystem design projects.

- Why did you decide to continue your studies at the School of Design?

– Art has been a major theme in my life and in my Bachelor’s course. I chose this program because I wanted to go even deeper into the study of art, to fill in any blanks in my knowledge, and also to learn how the art market works.

– Which subjects have impressed you the most during your time on the program and why?

– I would say the disciplines taught in this program are useful and important for an art manager. Art history is definitely a must for an art dealer. They need to understand styles, historical periods, and current trends. Understanding legal support of projects, copyright and accounting gives one a stronger position in the art business.

– What advice would you offer to future applicants who plan to continue their educational trajectory with the Management in Art Business program?

- I would advise them to attend cultural events regularly and religiously. The program covers all aspects of culture, but you need to see things with your own eyes at exhibitions and concerts, in museums and theaters. I would recommend students to watch online auctions and follow the leading auction houses. Visual experience is of the essence for an art manager. 


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