The Academy is gorgeous, and Moscow is a city of giants – student

14 June2019
The Academy is gorgeous, and Moscow is a city of giants – student

Renzo Ruiz, a second-year at RANEPA Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FESS) from Peru, has shared impressions of his studies at the Academy and life in Moscow.

Renzo Ruiz was born and grew up in Peru. At the age of 18, he listened to his friends' stories and read a lot of positive comments on social media about RANEPA. So he applied and was admitted to the Academy. After a long 25-hour flight with several stops, student Ruiz found himself in Moscow faced with November chill and a need to quickly improve his Russian to catch up with his classmates – they had already started learning.

It was Renzo’s first time away from his country and family, and it was not easy. “At the beginning, the support of one’s compatriots living in Russia is incredibly important,” Renzo recalls, “and when emotional problems are over, other difficulties arise. Language, climate and food – all this affects foreigners in the educational environment. I would say the first year is the most difficult time in terms of adaptation.”

Renzo learned from his own experience that during that period, it was very important to plunge into his host country’s life, to become immersed into Russian society and culture. “I always recommend beginners to take everything Russia offers and make use of it. Meet Russians, who, in my experience and opinion, are friendly, smart and willing to help and share,” the young Peruvian says.

His time at RANEPA began with learnnig Russian in a foundation program, in close contact with his new friends. Now Renzo is in his second year working for his Master's degree in Project Management at FESS. “The first impression of the Academy was magnificent,” said Renzo, “as future students here are treated with great respect. This appealed to me a lot, because over the time I had lived in Moscow, I already had a different experience in receiving services from institutions. I can say that my department is, without a doubt, a large and very friendly family. The Dean, Dr. Alexander Chichin, deserves special thanks – he is a great professional who knows that students are the most important asset of his school. He cares about us and is always involved in our academic life. I like his development strategy applied at FESS – emphasizing student development in the international employment sphere, contributing to the constant exchange of both students and teaching staff, as well as intensive study of foreign languages. It is very good that the majority of FESS graduates are fluent in two foreign languages ​​– this gives them a huge competitive advantage over students from many other universities.”

The student likes his classes that are taught in English by professors from various countries (Italy, Spain, Hungary, and Romania), as well as marketing courses led by department heads from large international companies. “I have always known that a teacher provides basic knowledge to all students,” continues Renzo, “but if we really want to learn, we should follow that up by exchanging ideas, materials and knowledge. I have not met a single teacher who would not want his students to be more interested in their subject.”

This spring, Renzo did an internship at a digital marketing company, and the knowledge gained at RANEPA helped him successfully complete his tasks. “The ability to apply what we have learned in practice is the key to success that every student needs,” he says, “this is why practical examples and cases are so important to me.”

Renzo successfully combines his studies with social activities. An initiative group of his counterparts from Colombia, Ecuador and Spain has recently organized a student conference on the economy and culture of the South American countries, and he actively participated in the organization. Such conferences are an opportunity to widely present the region’s countries to Russian students who are interested in South American culture.

Renzo Ruiz perfectly knows his way around Moscow. He says he now knows the Russian capital much better than any other city. In Peru, he had to move often because of his parents’ work. “In Moscow, I know everything: the beautiful things and less beautiful ones. In my spare time, I go to a cafe on Arbat, where I can read or chat with friends while watching one of the busiest and most beautiful streets in the city. When friends come to visit, I always take them on a tour of the city center. Its grandeur amazes absolutely everyone. As one friend of mine said, Moscow is a city of giants. Unfortunately, the weather is not always good enough for walks, but even winter cold can provide amazing opportunities – to see the snow for the first time in one’s life, or to ski and skate.”



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