The Academy provides training on projects of global companies

23 November 2018
The Academy provides training on projects of global companies

Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FESS) of RANEPA elaborates on the principle of education through research: BMW, Pfizer, Delonghi started to deliver courses for students, and soon they will be joined by joined by Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle.

The Presidential Academy cooperates with international companies and draws them into the educational process. Students explore real-world business challenges of companies, develop and implement business cases, proposed and paid by global corporations within the FESS project office of the Presidential Academy. The developments are focused on a variety of areas: digital and product marketing, PR and advertising, distribution and logistics, corporate governance, as well as case studies in the field of advanced technologies – Data Science and Process Mining.

“Over the past year, FESS has managed to solve one of the strategic tasks: to engage international companies into our educational process. For many companies, this experience was entirely new: they haven’t delivered courses for students, haven’t transferred data for processing and building multiple models, haven’t assigned projects to students. It took six months for the heads of Russian missions to conclude that cooperation will be helpful for the companies,” Dean Alexander Chichin said.

Since September, BMW, Pfizer, Delonghi started to deliver their courses for the students of the Academy; they will be joined by Coca-Cola, PepsiCo in the second trimester. Nestle is also planning to offer its own course. The participants started to develop projects assigned by global companies. Eugene Isakov, the head of the project office, the deputy head of management and entrepreneurship, noted the incredible dynamics: “Last year we had 3 such projects, now we have 21: six of Pepsico, four of Bosch and four of Delonghi Group, three of BMW and three of Pfizer, and one project of BMW Mini. It is expected that Coca-Cola, Unilever and Nestle will soon add their projects too. The companies may offer new tasks, if they are satisfied with student’s projects.

RANEPA students work on international projects: they are commissioned by international corporations, and the development goes together with project teams of FESS partner universities from Germany, Italy, France, Hungary and Belgium. We have already summed up the results of the six-month joint study with the German Fresenius University in the area of sustainable development commissioned by Unilever. The final presentation of projects of the German and Russian project teams was held in Berlin, and the company’s Vice President Irina Bakhtina noted the value of the results and described them at the FMCG Conference.

The interim presentation of projects for Delonghi Group was held last week. A four-hour discussion of projects on retailers and process mining with top managers showed that the student group offered interesting ideas. Director General Mikhail Pokrovsky got interested in the project of process mining managed by FESS together with the Italian University of Pisa, and Delonghi Group is ready to pay for new research works. After the presentation for PepsiCo, the company leaders offered a one-year paid internship to more than ten third-year students of the Academy.

Today more than 80 faculty’s students of the 3d and 4th years are involved in the project activities with global companies. The experience in implementing real projects commissioned by these companies not only builds the students’ skills of effective business management, but also ensures the successful career start.


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