They made Academy proud: Students of the Year 2017-2018

21 December2018
They made Academy proud: Students of the Year 2017-2018

On December 21, the Presidential Academy awarded the winners of the Student of the Year 2017-2018 contest.

In 2010, the RANEPA Board of Trustees decided to annually encourage the best students. This year, the award ceremony was held for the eighth time. Students are recognized not only for their academic excellence. They are awarded for contributing to their school’s research activities and social life. According to the regulations, only 3rd or 4th year students of full-time undergraduate and specialist programs can take part in the competition. More than 1,500 applications were submitted; 59 students (16 from the Moscow campus and 43 from the Academy's branches) were shortlisted for the awards. Finally, 30 were selected including 10 representing the Moscow campus and 20 from the regional branches.

The ceremony was opened by Vice-Rector, Acting Director of the Institute of Industry Management (IIM) Ivan Fedotov, who read out congratulations from the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, Chairman of RANEPA Board of Trustees Anton Vaino. The vice-rector emphasized that “the requirements for the contestants grow every year. The fact that you were able to win primarily confirms your determination and your success. You are great fellows!” Ivan Fedotov also noted that the award takes into account more than the applicant’s studies, but also their social position, their extracurricular activity, sports, and other achievements.

Some of the winners shared their opinion on what it means to be a Student of the Year and what it takes to win the prestigious award.

Georgy Zhaglin
, Voronezh Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 4th year

- How to win the Student of the Year title?

- It was partly unexpected, but I am sure that effort is always rewarded. And it is very exciting!

- How did you show yourself while studying at the Academy?

- I have been chairman of the Student Council of the Voronezh branch for two and a half years; I worked hard to excel in my studies while doing everything I could to spur on student life in my branch.

- What new goals do you set for yourself?

- The future, as always, is a bit hazy, but I plan to enroll in a Master’s program, and then, perhaps, work at the Academy.

Darya Podobedova
, Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), 4th year

- You were shortlisted for the Student of the Year award because--

- From the very first days of my studies at RANEPA, I tried to devote time not only to studying, but also to extracurricular activities – mainly writing scholarly articles. In addition, even in my first year, I talked with those who had already won Student of the Year, so I could take a leaf out of their book. In my second and third years, I had to prepare seriously, and in my fourth year, I finally won. I am very happy that I could serve as a model for other students and hope that the award will continue and the best students will make their Academy proud.

- What advice would you give to those who also want to become Students of the Year?

- The main thing is to love your school. The Academy is a great place to study, and I am grateful for the huge amount of self-realization opportunities that our university offers. We must try to take the opportunities and resources it offers to the maximum.

Arina Kiselyova
, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS), 3rd year

- What can you tell us about your research activities and involvement in the life of the Academy?

- The research work at the Academy is very extensive; you can try any path. I have repeatedly written articles and participated in academic conferences. It was a very positive experience.

- What are your plans?

- Now I would like to think about my Master’s, and I have time for this, because I am only in the third year and I will have time to choose an area of study. But I am sure that I want to continue my studies at the Academy, because RANEPA is the place where I want to return. I would advise future Students of the Year not to stop here and overcome difficulties, no matter how difficult it may seem, to combine studies and social activities, but not forget about personal life, because it is the most important thing.

Moscow campus
Name School Specialization Year
1 Svetlana Pershikova GSCM Commerce 3
2 Arina Kiselyova IPACS SMA 3
3 Alice Gile IMRD International relations 3
4 Tatyana Popkova ILNS Customs 5
5 Igor Petrosyan DFB Economics 3
6 Catherine Spiridonova IEMIT Applied Informatics 3
7 Yelizaveta Yerko IBS Personnel Management 3
8 Zemfira Aybedullova FESS Management 3
9 Darya Podobedova ISS Advertising and public relations 4
10 Vitaly Nemerovich IIM Management 3


RANEPA branches
Name Branch Specialization Year
1 Irina Lebedovskaya Volgograd Institute of Management Department of Economics, Economics 4
2 Pyotr Akopyan Far-East Institute of Management SMA 3
3 Nikita Kalinin Povolzhsky Institute of Management Youth liaison 4
4 Yulia Grubova Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Management Management 4
5 Lev Straikh North-West Institute of Management Management 3
6 Darya Kartashova North-Caucasus Institute of Management SMA 4
7 Ksenia Abdulgalimova Central Russian Institute of Management Department of Law 4
8 NikolaiKovalyov South-Russian Institute of Management SMA 3
9 Yulia Ityaykina Ural Institute of Management SMA 4
10 Alexander Sukhov Krasnogorsk Branch of RANEPA SMA 4
11 Sergei Fadeyev Altai Branch of RANEPA SMA 4
12 Georgy Zhaglin Voronezh Branch of RANEPA SMA 4
13 Ivan Afanasyev Kaluga Branch of RANEPA Economics 4
14 Olesya Volkova Lipetsk Branch of RANEPA SMA 4
15 Alexander Shebalov Dzerzhinsky Branch of RANEPA Business informatics 4
16 Khizir Barakhoyev Stavropol Branch of RANEPA Jurisprudence 3
17 Tural Isayev Tambov Branch of RANEPA Jurisprudence 3
18 Alexander Nikolayev Tver Branch of RANEPA Economics 4
19 Andrei Chetin Ulyanovsk Branch of RANEPA SMA 4
20 Tatyana Yuzhakova Chelyabinsk Branch of RANEPA Jurisprudence 3

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