Vladimir Mau: Leaders of Russia contest is not about career ladder

21 January2019
Vladimir Mau: Leaders of Russia contest is not about career ladder

The Rector of the Presidential Academy took part in the semifinals of the Leaders of Russia national management competition in Novosibirsk as one of the mentors.

“I have doubts about people participating in the Leaders of Russia competition for career: I am not against careerism in a good way, but a successful person will always be successful and does not need any scaffolds,” RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau, one of the mentors in the semifinals, told reporters.

He noted that for him, Leaders of Russia is to a much greater extent a competition for employers who need to pick high-potential employees amid the shortage of qualified personnel.

Addressing the semifinalists, Dr. Mau said that by participating in the competition, people are building a future that will come sooner. “A lot depends on you, on your effort, talent, mind, and, most importantly, your willingness to step in rather than remain indifferent,” he added.

The RANEPA Rector is confident that everyone who made it to the semifinals of the Leaders of Russia management competition has already come a long way. “You made it to the top at your local level, and now the next and more difficult stage is ahead of you, but your access to that stage is highly important. Moreover, I am confident that, basically, these are not just people who came here for a career; this competition is an excellent chance for representatives of state and municipal authorities and business representatives to get to know you and fill in their personnel gaps,” he said.

According to Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Andrei Travnikov, many of the participants in the Leaders of Russia competition are already successful people, and most of them didn’t think about climbing the career ladder when deciding to participate in the competition; on the other hand, the authorities look to Leaders of Russia not only as a personnel reserve, but also as consultants, advisors, and participants in various discussions in public councils.

Russia ‒ Land of Opportunity is a nonprofit organization that develops a platform of the same name combining 15 projects: the Leaders of Russia executive competition (operated by RANEPA), the I Am Professional student competition (RANEPA is a university base), the Manage! RANEPA student management cup, the My First Business international competition, the Russia ‒ Land of Opportunity nationwide success challenge, the Volunteer of Russia nationwide competition, the Professional Internships project, the Grant Competition of Youth Initiatives, the SME Business Navigator Portal, the RDSh – Territory of Self-Government competition, the Abilympics professional skills contest among people with disabilities, the Thank You appreciation project, Worldskills Russia, the Dream with Me charity project and the League of Leaders competition.



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