Volunteers at Gaidar Forum: A cool experience and breathtaking emotions

19 January 2022
Volunteers at Gaidar Forum: A cool experience and breathtaking emotions

RANEPA students annually take part in setting up and holding the Gaidar Forum. This year, more than 60 best candidates were selected to join the organizing team.

Student volunteers provided the necessary support for the forum while gaining teamwork experience. They assisted in the registration, welcomed and accompanied guests and participants, prepared the rooms for discussion sessions, and helped distribute handouts.

“This year, the Gaidar Forum was held in a television format, but this isn’t a new format for us anymore. We know all the specifics and know what each of us should do. But, even with the procedure being so familiar, the responsibility was even higher because we had to manage the processes taking place in the studio, from seeing the guests in to setting up the studio and preparing handouts. It was an incredible opportunity for me not only to participate in a forum on such an impressive scale, but also to hear the opinions of renowned experts firsthand. It was a very interesting and rewarding experience,” commented Angelina Duryndina, a third-year student at EMIT who was in charge of the volunteers in the Library studio.

For some of the volunteers, it was their first experience of working at the Gaidar Forum.

“It was my first experience of volunteering at such a major event. I was in charge of the conference room where experts stayed after the session. Across the hall was the RBC headquarters and the press center. We watched them film news reports. We have had two very busy and intense days, and gained invaluable experience! The most remarkable event occurred at the end of the forum – Dr. Vladimir Mau met with the volunteers. We are grateful to the management of the Academy and the entire team at the volunteer headquarters. I am very happy to have been a part of Gaidar Forum 2022,” said Viktoria Shavoshvili, a second-year student at IPACS, sharing her impressions.

The volunteers have had the benefit of witnessing the organizational process from the inside and interacting with leading experts, known around the world.

“The Gaidar Forum is something that should happen to every student at the Academy. It was such a cool experience with such breathtaking emotions! I worked in the registration area where I accredited those who could be at the venue during the forum. I believe this work was different from the others because with registrations, you cannot relax your focus even for a second, because you have to manage a database and documents. I also needed to find an individual approach to each participant, to be calm and convincing. I am very proud to have been a part of such a high-profile event,” said Valeria Gracheva, a third-year student at IPACS.

As all the students noted, their experience of volunteering at the Gaidar Forum would be of great help both in their student activities and in building their future careers.

“My impressions from the forum are indescribable. Everything was at the highest level, from the thorough organization and preparation of the event to the atmosphere of extreme importance. I worked in logistics and supplies, and our responsibility was to ensure that everyone had everything they needed. I am sure that volunteering at the Gaidar Forum will serve as an excellent experience for participating in future projects,” said second-year EMIT student Nguyen Zuy Anh.

The Gaidar Forum took place on January 13-14 at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). The forum organizers included RANEPA, the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, and supported by the Government of the Russian Federation. 


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