What is unique about the English-language program Master of Global Public Policy? Explain ISS RANEPA

19 August 2021
What is unique about the English-language program Master of Global Public Policy? Explain ISS RANEPA

The directors of the Master of Global Public Policy (MGPP) program at RANEPA Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), Mikhail Pryadilnikov, Yevgeny Roshchin and Galina Klimova, spoke about the structure and specifics of the educational track and possible career prospects, and answered questions about enrollment.

Master of Global Public Policy (MGPP) is a two-year Master's program the Presidential Academy opened in 2014. The program is the first in its kind in Russia, with tuition fully in English.

- What do MGPP students learn?

- The direct translation of public policy into Russian does not reflect the concept accurately enough. In English, public policy is an area at the intersection of policymaking, public administration and political analysis. What we do here is analyze decision-making concerning public administration and public policy. We look at how a specific problem can be solved on a regional, national or international level using evidence-based policy – for example, the problem of regional inequality or the introduction of innovations.

We focus on global public policy for several reasons. Firstly, we explore how other states approach similar problems. It is important to learn from everyone.

Secondly, we train leaders who are ready to work not only in Russia, but also in international organizations if they wish.

- Why does the program have such a strong international focus?

- Because a large part of the present public, state and commercial problems cannot be solved outside the global context.

- How can this degree help in career advancement, and who is likely to benefit from it?

- Based on our graduates’ stories, we can systematize their potential benefits and career prospects as follows:

1. For recent graduates with Bachelor’s degrees in liberal arts or technology, it is an opportunity for adding competencies they need to make managerial decisions using evidence-based policy, honing them during an internship at the Analytical Center or another organization. And with due effort, they can later get a job with government agencies, international organizations, diplomatic missions, international NGOs or international businesses – the Ministry of Economic Development or the UN, for example.

2. For established representatives of the business community, the program offers tools for optimizing and improving business processes and expanding public-private partnerships.

3. The program will help employees of government agencies work out managerial decisions more efficiently.

It is important to understand that due to the specifics of public policy, MGPP graduates can pursue careers in a variety of industries, from sports to healthcare, from the fashion industry to

the financial sector, from educational consulting to foreign trade advice. The choice of a specific trajectory is up to you.

- What are the program’s enrollment requirements?

- The requirements include an entrance test, a motivation letter and a TOEFL (IBT 80) / IELTS (6.0) certificate confirming the applicant’s English proficiency. Graduates of ISS RANEPA Bachelor’s programs are entitled to a 40% discount. Graduates from other RANEPA schools and branches are granted a 10% discount. More information about the enrollment procedures can be found on the program page.

- What are the deadlines for applying?

Application for the Master of Global Public Policy (MGPP) program ends on September 4, 2021. Entrance tests are to be taken remotely through the Academy's learning management system this year. The final date for taking the entrance test is September 14, 2021. The schedule of entrance examinations for ISS Master's programs can be found here.


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